The remaining old gods have abandoned the Material Plane in an attempt to claim new territories in other planes in the wake of the war. New gods have arisen in their stead to lord over what remains of the god-forsaken plane.

The Following Are The Known Members Of The New Pantheon Edit

Greater Deities

  • Helenor Havenshire (LG)
  • Heder Alibaster (CG)
  • Krusche Nevermore (LE)
  • Del’Kai’Aduun (CE)
  • Gaia (N)

Intermediate Deities

  • Brün Bashton (NG)
  • Reyvan Lawgiver (LN)
  • Tristani Lethos (CN)
  • Gobblegut (NE)

Known Lesser Deities (Patrons)

  • Charles Kharge (CG)
  • Mistress of Fate (N)
  • Archon (LN)
  • Meloni Glittergold (CN)