Biography Edit

Born in the southern part of the continent, Helenor was born in a simple farming village. When the war broke out, (he/she) was around 45, and was a paladin of Pelor. Given the rank of Saint by Pelor, Helenor made (his/her) fame by saving several towns from the seige of undead that razed much of the southern half of the continent.

Once Pelor left the PMP, it was decided that Helenor would take up the mantle that was left empty by his absence. Helenor enforces the laws laid down for the gods by dispensing justice where it is needed. Helenor does not generally involve (him/her)self in the affairs of mortals, unless they advance the causes of the tainted gods.

Faith/Followers Edit

Followers of Helenor are usually paladins and clerics that practice their faith by hunting down undead. They believe that the undead are a scourge on the plane and the direct source of its demise. They can be found in greater numbers in the southern regions of the world where a temple to Helenor has been erected in the divine section of the city of (capital city).

The followers of Helenor are generally more zealous than followers of other deities. They take their hunting of undead further than most by hunting down intelligent undead with little or even no taint. They do not bother attempting to convert undead back to the side of the living, as they believe they are too far gone. Undead are not allowed into the ranks of the followers.

Followers of Helenor generally do not bother themselves with tainted living creatures, instead directing them to their local cleric for a cleansing. If a follower is asked for a cleansing, they charge double how much it would actually be worth, because they veiw It as a waste of time otherwise.