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This is the wiki site for the Roll20 D&D 3.5 campaign "Dead Lands", run by the DM October31st. It is a post apocalyptic campaign set in a mesh between Ebberon and Faerun. It is a hardcore difficulty survival campaign, where magic is dying and the world is a sandbox for you to explore.

The World As You Know ItEdit

The Prime Material Plane is dying, and you are living in it's still fresh corpse. A war between the gods caused a second, more severe version of the Spellplague. The Weave is torn to shreds and is a ghost of it's former self. The gods have abandoned this desolate wasteland, gone to expand their influence in a war for territories in the Astral Sea. With their positions vacant, new deities emerged to rule over the wasteland with more scrutiny than the previous pantheon

Civilization is in ruins and nature has taken back over. Undead roam the world, mindless and corrupted by the vile magics that now plague the world. The remnants of the old world cling to the ruins of the past and carve out their own settlements in this post-apocalyptic world. While the fringes of the world are safer for mortals to live, the inside of the main continent are an irradiated wasteland of decay and vile magics. The center of which is the World Wound, where the final battle of The War happened. It's enviornment forever altered to be inhospitable to all living that dare enter without protection.

Undeath is no longer inherently evil, as it has become an intimate part of the world. Both intelligent and mindless undead make up the majority of the Prime Material Plane's denizens, as they are all either ancient peoples that were turned during the war, or willfully turned to adapt to their homes. Packs of feral undead roam the wildlands, while the more organized settlements are run by necromancers and liches.

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